About Mike

Mike is the UK Ambassador for Zoli Guns

Mike started shooting at the age of 12 with his Uncle. It started as rough shooting with the occasional duck flight. He quickly got the bug and joined a pigeon shooting club when he lived in Cambridgeshire. He was taught field craft and decoying by a friend and has since evolved to become a pigeon shooter who is known for effective control and is sought after by many farmers across different areas. 

Mike started game shooting when he received an invite to be a part of a new DIY syndicate in Cambridgeshire. Since then he has shot up to 22 days a year and is a formidable game shot.

Mike took up clay shooting in 2012 and has worked his way up through the club scene into an AA class competition shot. His name can be found on all of the trophies at South Worcester Shooting ground where he first started. Since then he has shot for two different counties and in 4 different disciplines. He now shoots internationally and can be found at most of the major events. A list of his qualifications and some of his achievements can be found below.

Qualifications and experience:

CPSA Qulaified Instructor

CPSA Qualified Safety Officer

Lantra Qualified Shotgun Coach

Lantra Qualified Loader

Over 30 Years Game Shooting Experience

AA Class Clay shot with 6 Years Clay shooting experience

Shoots numerous international competitions every year

Has shot for two Counties in Sporting, FITASC, Skeet and All Round

Wins and Achievements to date:

2018 Won 3 High Guns in 2 weeks with his new Zoli Z Gun in the first 4 times shooting it.

2018 Oxfordshire Gun Company Yilditz Championships Runner Up

2017 East Midlands Area Sporting Championships Runner up

2017 Oxfordshire County Sporting runner up

2017 Oxfordshire Challenge Cup third place

2016 Hereford and Worcester County Skeet Runner Up

2016 Hereford and Worcester County All Round Runner Up

2016 Hereford and Worcester Sporting, FITASC and Skeet team member

2015 Hereford and Worcester Sporting and All round team member

2015 Hereford and Worcester County Sporting Runner Up

2014 World English Sporting at EJ Churchills C Class Bronze Medal

2014 Barbury Shooting School Skoda Challenge C Class Winner

2014 South Worcester Compak Trophy Winner

2014 South Worcester High Bird Trophy Winner

2014 South Worcester Member Series Winner

2014 South Worcester Side by SideTrophy Winner

2014 Essex Masters C Class winner - won a gun

2013 South Worcester High Bird Trophy Winner

2013 South Worcester DTL Trophy Winner

2013 South Worcester Christmas Trophy Winner

2013 South Worcester Member Series Winner

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