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Teague Precision Chokes

Teague Precision Chokes

Teague Precision Chokes

Perazzi are a world renown manufacturer of high quality guns. Cheryl shoots their new High Tech Elle Sporter with 32" Barrels and a custom stock made for her by the factory. She would strongly recommend making the trip out to the factory if you are considering a Perazzi shotgun and make use of their custom stock making facility. For many people a Perazzi is a once in a lifetime gun so why not get it right from the start.

ZOLI strategically decided to provide every gun with the technical features which used to be typical only of high quality firearms produced in small volumes.

It is with this new range of products that ZOLI entered the new millennium and the response from old and new customers have proved us right. Production methods have dramatically changed over the last 60 years. Most traditional machines have been replaced with technologically advanced CNC pieces of equipment which give our skilled gunmakers more time and freedom to work as finishers. After 60 years ZOLI is known as one of the very few companies that can offer a wide range of high quality products designed, engineered and manufactured mainly in house. Mike is the Zoli UK Ambassador and uses a Custom Zoli Z Gun sporter with 32" Barrels and a custom stock made by the factory in Italy.

Pilla Performance Eyewear are the Best glasses on the Market today. Pilla produce High Definition lenses in conjunction with Zeiss and they produce crystal clear images and lenses for every light and every target colour. We both use their new Progressive lenses and and a variety of others on their Panther X6 frames. If you haven't got Pilla Glasses you will always be one step behind.

CENS Digital make the best in the ear ear defenders on the market. We both use their Proflex 2 Digital Moulded plugs for both Clays and Game shooting. Cheryl likes to hear everything thats going on but Mike turns his off when in the stand. They are excellent for game shooting where they amplify the sounds and you can hear birds coming from much further away. 

When our founder first introduced his precision shotgun chokes in 1980, he could only have guessed at the impact his ideas would go on to make in the world of shooting. Drawing on his experience both as a lifelong sportsman and as the engineer chiefly responsible for quality within a division of Rolls Royce, Nigel Teague set out with a compelling vision: to create a lightweight, thin walled, interchangeable choke system that would be unsurpassed in every respect. Over thirty years later and with the system fitted to more than 27,000 guns, the TEAGUE company has stayed true to this vision and is today synonymous with the highest standards of design, engineering and performance. Which is why, for the world’s leading gunmakers and serious shots alike, the TEAGUE name is trusted to deliver what it promises.  

Magic Bore® is a total cleaning system designed for everyone who needs to clean a shotgun. It does not matter if you shoot once or hundreds of times a year Magic Bore® will clean it quicker and better than any other cleaning system out there. It works on all cartridge types be it plastic or fibre wad. Magic Bore® removes all types of fouling faster and even with or without oils or lubricant. Magic Bore® is the only cleaning solution where you can use most cleaning oils and fluids without fear of destroying the product, unlike other products on the market.

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